01 AM | 01 Jan

About my reading and writing:

33275da1I am an avid reader and writer, currently working as a grant writer for a non-profit blindness organization while I pursue writing and reading. I enjoy reading and reviewing a wide array of genera and topics: military history & tactics (ancient to modern), ethnographies, biographies, memoirs, US History, US law, comparative international politics, family studies, foster care, juvenile law (international and US domestic), modern Russian novels (English translations), Mongolian history and culture, opera, historical fiction, and first person fictional narratives. My favorite authors include Albert Camus, Col. Theodore Ayrault Dodge, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Paul Ham, David Sedaris, and Barbara Tuchman. I subscribe to twelve literary journals and ten periodicals to keep myself current in literature, emerging authors, and trends. I have published several nonfiction works, and I am a ghost writer for nonfiction authors. I read an average of 1000 pages a week outside of work.

I am a freelance writer and editor, working closely with authors and publishers to create a compelling and lucid final product. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in hiring me to help you elevate your authorship.


I have a double major B.A. degree in Anthropology and Politics from Brandeis University. I graduated from U.C. Hastings College of Law with a J.D., but I am not a practicing attorney. I have a background in social services, particularly dependent youth and delinquent teens. I have assisted the City of San Francisco and the State of California in writing training manuals, information packets for the public, responses to interagency inquiries, and drafts of legal memoranda. I have also worked in the Boston and Atlanta Juvenile Court delinquency systems. I currently work in the disability community as a grant writer and copywriter for a blindness human services agency and advocacy group. I am an ardent researcher with a flair for finding interesting and compelling editorials from all over the world. I am currently re-teaching myself Latin. My interests outside of reading/writing include: calligraphy, orchids, snorkeling, greyhounds, Baroque opera, Russian Romantic classical music, Mongolian history and culture, and hockey.


As a fervent reader, I find myself reading just about anything that is well written. Lately, I’ve been devouring several first-hand accounts and historical reviews of the Pacific front of WWII and the colonial wars in Africa.